Welcome to digitalSpaghetti

The digitalSpaghetti application was designed and created by a group of traditional artists. Our media of choice is oils, charcoal, watercolor, linseed, turpentine and stretch canvases. Many of us have exhibited our works through many galleries and shows. Our styles range from surrealism to contemporary. Despite these accomplishments our professional careers reside within the engineeering world. Our professional experience involves over 20 years developing high quality software used by many Fortune 500 companies. Why create 'another paint program'? First and foremost, we created digitalSpaghetti to allow artists to fully engage in being creative. We have done this by eliminating the clutter and confusion that is found in so many of todays paint programs. Affordabilty is another reason we set out to create our product. How many times have you payed a lot of money for software you have only used once or twice? Today, we offer the digitalSpaghetti application for less than a cup of coffee. Enjoy!