Welcome to digitalSpaghetti

The digitalSpaghetti software was designed and created by a group of traditional artists. Our media of choice is oils, charcoal, watercolor, linseed, turpentine and stretch canvases. Many of us have exhibited our works through many galleries and shows. Our styles range from surrealism to contemporary. Despite these accomplishments our professional careers reside within the engineeering world. Our professional experience involves over 20 years developing high quality software used by many Fortune 500 companies.

     Why create 'just another paint program'? First and foremost, we created digitalSpaghetti to allow artists to fully engage in the creation process rather than the process of creation. We felt through personal experiences, most of todays paint programs lack the following:

1.) An intuitive user interface - Users should not have to dig through menu after menu to see where a certain tool resides. Custom hotkeys for zooming, panning, erasing, before/after views, etc,. All functionality is derived via easy to use toolbars. Painting modes are always readily known via cursor and toolbar appearances.

2.) Flexible painting strategies that allow you, the ARTIST, to engage that digital image as if it were a block of clay. Our goal is to allow you to sculpt your digital image(s) into any form you desire with minimal confusion. Our software has been Beta tested with grade school children! Yes, it may sound odd, but you would be amazed at what software engineers with PHD's can learn from kids. Our rule of thumb is this... if a kid cannot easily perform a series of steps to get a desired result, such as cutting, rotating and scaling a portion of the image, then we will not introduce that complexity into our software.

3.) Offer a platform that supports artists via a user community that will help others create art and yes even remove Red-Eye ;) Feedback is very important to us here at digitalSpaghetti. Did you know that the primary feature enhancements for DS version 2.0 is being drafted by the user community that participates on this website? We also perform on-line polls to see what can be done to enhance our product and our support services

4.) Affordability! We feel very strongly about offering our customers VALUE. Many of the tools and features of digitalSpaghetti are found in many high end paint programs costing hundreds of dollars. How can we offer a high quality product for an extremely low price? Low overhead. We don't believe in making paper manuals, creating CD's, packaging, etc,. Why?  With this website and electronic distribution they are not needed. E-Manuals, software, upgrades, etc, can all be retrieved from this website. Not only that, its environmentaly friendly! The end result is you get a great product for a very good price. You may have noticed that we do not distribute this software through your local electronics store. Remember - low overhead means great value! Now, go and distort some Memories! ;)


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